Career Coaching


Updating your resume is one of those tasks that doesn't always come easy for everyone. You know you have done great work -- how do you convey that in writing? 

I work with clients by first providing guidance on what types of deliverables to highlight in their Accomplishment Statements. Then, based on the target job postings, I tailor your applicable skills and relevant experience to show quality evidence that you have what the employer needs.

I'm thrilled that my resume service clients have been incredibly successful in landing their ideal positions.


LinkedIn is best thought of as a digital resume and portfolio for job seekers. Are you maximizing the use of this powerful professional platform? 

I help clients set up their profiles for attracting the right traffic to their profiles while on the job hunt. I also provide training on strategies to leverage LinkedIn's features for connecting with the right people. 



Navigating the world of resumes and LinkedIn can have a steep learning curve. Maximize your time by scheduling a workshop where I share a large volume of expertise, distilled into functional guidance and step-by-step instructions for accomplishing your career goals.  

Learn more about LinkedIn Workshops.


So many elements of the job hunt take time to learn and gain a level of comfort. With individual coaching, I can assist you with your written content, LinkedIn training, interview preparation, and salary negotiations.  

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