Business Services


We all need that second pair of eyes when developing new content. I save businesses time by proofreading and polishing their text before it is seen by clients. Writing service for these types of documents is also available.



  • Client-facing LinkedIn profiles (Learn more about LinkedIn Workshops)

  • Blog posts

  • Marketing materials

  • Presentations

  • Training materials

  • Website copy

  • Reports

  • E-books


Provide expertise as needed in the initiation, planning, execution, monitoring & controlling, and closing of a project within the defined constraints of scope, time, quality, and budget. May include scope development, resource optimization and allocation, and stakeholder communication. 



  • Review systems and procedures to identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Provide baseline and target work flow analysis and identify opportunities to modify, automate and streamline process to improve efficiency.

  • Identify workflow bottlenecks and collaborate to create workable solutions.

  • Develop tools within your current technology systems to improve processes and efficiencies.



  • Create training materials and conduct group training workshops.

  • Conduct targeted training sessions for selected team members.

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